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Games - Pocket Grandmaster Chess 3d Free Download

Games - Pocket Grandmaster Chess 3D Free Download

If you are a fan of chess and looking for a challenging and fun game to play on your Windows Pocket PC or mobile device, you might want to check out Pocket Grandmaster Chess 3D. This is a chess program that offers a variety of features and options to suit your preferences and skill level. You can download it for free from the official website or from other sources . Here are some reasons why you should give Pocket Grandmaster Chess 3D a try:


  • It is based on the powerful and award-winning engine Anaconda, which is the successor of GromitChess, the World Microcomputer Amateur Chess Champion of 2001. The engine has five adjustable skill levels, from beginner to grandmaster, and can learn from its mistakes.

  • It has a user-friendly and customizable GUI that supports both 2D and 3D graphics. You can choose from eight board surfaces and seven sets of pieces, including monsters, robots, and abstract shapes. You can also enable blindfold mode, where you have to rely on your memory and intuition to play.

  • It has a teaching mode that will guide you through the basics of chess and introduce you to more complex strategies. You can also use the analysis tool to evaluate the position and find the best move for any scenario. You can also monitor your progress and determine your chess rating with the Chess Play Ratings feature.

  • It supports the DGT Board, which is a physical chess board that connects to your device and allows you to play against the computer or another human player. You can also use Pocket Grandmaster Chess 3D as a FICS or ICS client, which means you can play online against other players from around the world.

  • It comes with additional adapted chess engines that you can download and use with Pocket Grandmaster Chess 3D. Some of these engines are Naum 4, Toga II, Fruit 2.1, SOS, and Ruffian 1.0.4. You can also use UCI compatible engines with Pocket Grandmaster Chess 3D.

Pocket Grandmaster Chess 3D is a great way to enjoy chess on your Windows Pocket PC or mobile device. It is easy to use, fun to play, and challenging to master. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, you will find something to suit your taste and level in Pocket Grandmaster Chess 3D. Download it today and see for yourself!


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