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To become a member, one must subscribe to our tenets of faith.
Click on the icon below to view all tenets.

If you hold our honest beliefs, we invite you to join as a member through the options below or simply subscribe to our site at the bottom of this page.

With both options, we ask that you please email or live chat with us to provide your name, current city, state, and a statement subscribing to our tenets of faith. This is a crucial step that allows us to help you get connected in your area.

In becoming a member, you will be notified of our virtual services, sermons, and in-person events offered as we travel across the United States. We also have an in-person weekly worship in NC.

Reach out to us with any questions about membership by clicking on the pop-up chat option on this webpage or email us.

Planned Giving


    Every month
    • These donations aid in keeping our mission online

    Every month
    • This plan supports our mission and provides resources to the
    • subscriber for additional protection over your sovereign
    • body from the Church of Sovereign Temples

    Every month
    • This plan supports our mission, while providing additional
    • resources to the subscriber: protection over sovereign body,
    • and access to events & gatherings held by the Church


According to the Constitution of the Church of Sovereign Temples, the following statements of faith are to be subscribed to by each member upon joining our congregation.

*We believe that there is one God, expressing Self through our Body in a Holy Trinity: Body, Mind, and Spirit. 
*We believe Ascended Master Teachers came to teach the Kingdom of Heaven is Within YOUR BODY. 
*We believe that all are Sovereign Beings made in the exact image of our Creatrix/Creator. 

*We believe that we are here to honor our bodies as a living temple of God and to work towards self actualization.

*We believe the Holy Spirit dwells within our own bodies and that our Divine Genome, our immune system, and our bodies cells are a direct gift from God and are never to be altered, including being inoculated. 

*We believe in the power of prayer, breathing, fasting, enthogens, and using healthy foods to honor our Holy Temple (human body) and vow to avoid placing toxic chemicals into the Temple of God.
*We believe in eternal life and in a walking constant communion with God in all moments through the power of present moment living and discernment. 

*We subscribe to the Doctrines of the Church of Sovereign Temples as our true beliefs and place caring for the The Temple of God, our Pure God Bodies ( spiritually, mentally, and physically) as our highest priority. 

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For local members, in-person donations can be made at time of services. Donations are not required to be a member of our church; subscribing to our tenets of Fatih is required. We do ask that all who are using our virtual membership services make a donation to help support the fees associated with offering virtual services.

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