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By the Grace of God, our congregation continues to connect us to others who share in our beliefs. Start by subscribing to our Church at the bottom of this page, or make your way to memberships.

*Be sure to add as a known sender, and send us an email or click on the chat box to provide your name, current city, state, and a statement agreeing to our tenets of faith. This will help us connect you with other members in your area!

Upon becoming a member, you will be notified of our virtual services, sermons, and in-person national events. We also have an in-person weekly worship service in NC. Reach out to us with any questions about membership via the pop-up Members Chat button on this webpage or email.


Building a Sacred Community

At Church of Sovereign Temples, we have been connecting people to the heart of God and reclaiming the mind, body, and soul connection since 2018. Through prayer and other individual and group worship activities, our goal is to activate your remembrance that the Holy Spirit dwells within you. We welcome you to become a part of our growing virtual and live congregation.

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