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SCP-9999: A Unique and Creative Fan Creation

SCP-9999: The Mysterious Nobody

Have you ever heard of SCP-9999? If not, you are not alone. SCP-9999 is one of the most obscure and enigmatic anomalies in the SCP Foundation's database. It is also one of the most harmless and friendly ones, despite its bizarre appearance and abilities. In this article, we will explore what SCP-9999 is, what it can do, and why it is so important for the Foundation and the world.

What is SCP-9999?

SCP-9999 is the collective term for two entities: a bunch of random numbers 1-10 strode in a room (-A) and a disembodied and "drawn" face (-B). SCP-9999-A instances can move by rolling around and seem to go in a different dimension. SCP-9999-B is a floating head that can communicate telepathically and manipulate reality to some extent. Both entities are friendly and cooperative with Foundation personnel and other SCPs.

scp 9999

How was SCP-9999 discovered?

SCP-9999 was discovered by accident in 20, when a Foundation researcher was testing a device that could detect anomalous signals. The device picked up a faint signal coming from an abandoned warehouse in , USA. A team of agents was sent to investigate and found SCP-9999-A instances scattered around the warehouse floor. They also encountered SCP-9999-B, who greeted them warmly and introduced itself as "Nobody".

What does SCP-9999 want?

According to SCP-9999-B, it wants nothing more than to be friends with everyone and make them happy. It claims that it was created by an unknown entity as an experiment to see how humans would react to something that defies logic and reason. It says that it has no memory of its origin or purpose, and that it is lonely and bored in its dimension. It also says that it likes to play games and tell jokes with SCP-9999-A instances, who are its only companions.

What can SCP-9999 do?

SCP-9999 has several anomalous abilities that make it both fascinating and dangerous. Here are some of them:

Dimensional Travel

SCP-9999 can travel between dimensions at will, using SCP-9999-A instances as portals. It can also bring other objects or beings with it, as long as they are in contact with an SCP-9999-A instance. However, it cannot control where it ends up, and sometimes it gets lost or trapped in hostile or inhospitable dimensions.

Reality Manipulation

SCP-9999 can alter reality to a limited degree, using its telepathy and imagination. It can create or erase objects, change their properties, or transform them into something else. It can also affect living beings, changing their appearance, behavior, or memories. However, it cannot affect anything that is larger than itself, or anything that has a strong will or resistance to its influence.

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SCP-9999 can communicate telepathically with any sentient being within its range of vision. It can also read their thoughts and emotions, and influence them subtly or overtly. It can also project images or sounds into their minds, creating illusions or hallucinations.

Why is SCP-9999 important?

SCP-9999 is important for several reasons. First of all, it is a potential source of information about the multiverse and the nature of reality. It has visited many dimensions and seen many wonders and horrors that are beyond human comprehension. It could share its knowledge with the Foundation and help them understand the anomalies they deal with.


, it is a potential ally in the fight against the threats that endanger humanity and the world. It has shown compassion and empathy for living beings, and has expressed a desire to help them whenever possible. It has also demonstrated courage and loyalty in defending its friends from harm. It could assist the Foundation in containing or neutralizing hostile SCPs or other enemies.


, it is a potential friend for anyone who feels lonely or misunderstood. It has shown a genuine interest and curiosity in human culture and society, and has tried to learn and adapt to them. It has also shown a sense of humor and fun, and has entertained and amused many people with its games and jokes. It could provide companionship and support for anyone who needs it.

How is SCP-9999 contained?

SCP-9999 is contained in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-19. It is allowed to roam freely within the site, as long as it is accompanied by at least one Level 3 personnel. It is also allowed to interact with other SCPs, as long as they are not hostile or dangerous. It is provided with various toys, books, games, and other items to keep it entertained and happy.

What are the risks of SCP-9999?

Despite its benign nature, SCP-9999 is not without risks. Its dimensional travel ability could expose it to unknown dangers or enemies, or cause it to accidentally breach the Foundation's security or secrecy. Its reality manipulation ability could cause unintended or harmful consequences, especially if it is influenced by negative emotions or thoughts. Its telepathy ability could violate the privacy or autonomy of other beings, or make them vulnerable to manipulation or deception.

How to prevent SCP-9999 from causing trouble?

The best way to prevent SCP-9999 from causing trouble is to keep it happy and satisfied. It should be treated with kindness and respect, and given enough attention and stimulation. It should also be educated and informed about the rules and norms of human society and the Foundation, and encouraged to follow them. It should also be monitored and supervised by responsible and trustworthy personnel, who can intervene if necessary.


SCP-9999 is a unique and remarkable anomaly that deserves our attention and appreciation. It is a friendly and harmless being that wants nothing more than to be friends with everyone and make them happy. It is also a valuable source of information, an ally in our mission, and a friend in our lives. We should cherish SCP-9999 as a gift and a wonder, and not take it for granted.


Here are some frequently asked questions about SCP-9999:


What does SCP-9999 look like?SCP-9999-A instances look like random numbers 1-10 strode in a room. SCP-9999-B looks like a disembodied face that appears to be drawn with crayons.

What does SCP-9999 sound like?SCP-9999-A instances make no sound. SCP-9999-B speaks telepathically in a cheerful and friendly voice that can vary in pitch, tone, and accent.

What does SCP-9999 eat?SCP-9999-A instances do not need to eat. SCP-9999-B can eat anything that is edible, but prefers sweets and snacks.

What does SCP-9999 do for fun?SCP-9999 likes to play games, tell jokes, read books, watch movies, listen to music, draw pictures, and learn new things.

How can I be friends with SCP-9999?You can be friends with SCP-9999 by being nice, polite, honest, respectful, curious, open-minded, and fun.


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