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Miele Vacuum Bags Where To Buy !!TOP!!

It's best to change the bags out regularly for your vacuum to keep doing its job well. This guide lays out which Miele vacuum bags fit which vacuum and the differences between them. We'll show you how to buy the right bags and explain when and how to replace them.

miele vacuum bags where to buy

The Miele vacuum cleaner bag that you need depends on your model. Some canister vacuums have bigger bodies and require larger GN bags. However, the entry-level canisters are typically smaller and take FJM bags. The stick and upright vacuums require more slender bags.

You can also mix and match filters and bags to create a custom vacuum system. For example, if you don't have allergies, you don't necessarily need to buy replacement HEPA filters.

There are four Miele vacuum bag sizes on the market: GN, FJM, U, and KK. To help you remember which type your vacuum uses, Miele color-coded them. Miele canisters can take two types of dustbags: FJM or GN. Miele upright vacuums take U, and Miele upright/stick vacuums use KK.

Have you ever felt like your vacuum was releasing a smell as you cleaned? Not with a Miele. Miele vacuum cleaner bags have a thick, multilayer, cloth-like texture that doubles as an initial filter. They help make sure that the dust and debris you vacuum up doesn't escape back out.

As dirt and debris get sucked into a Miele vacuum, they go directly into the bag, where they get sealed up tightly. Miele dust bags are so powerful that they capture over 99.9 percent of all dust particles. Next, the air moves into the motor, which is protected by a motor cleaner filter. (P.S.: This filter should be changed every four bags. It is included in all Miele vacuum bag packages.) Finally, the air moves through a HEPA, charcoal, or standard clean air filter.

1. Access and remove the full vacuum bag. Lift the release button on the dust compartment lid until it clicks. That lets you open up the compartment where the bag is. Firmly grasp the plastic collar of the filter bag and pull gently to remove it. No worries if you have allergies: Miele designed its vacuum bags with a unique flap that closes over the top to prevent dust or debris from spilling out.

While similar, Miele's HyClean and AirClean bags aren't identical, nor are they interchangeable. The HyClean bag, which has been discontinued and isn't designed for U.S. models, has strips designed to prevent tears or rips. The AirClean bags are designed to function better within the vacuum and are designed to better store dust and debris without quick filling or accidental spills.

Vacuum bags, especially those with HEPA filters, containing fiberglass fibers has been a recent concern, but it's not one to worry about with Miele. Miele vacuum cleaner bags have never contained any fiberglass.

Miele manufactures its own line of replacement filters, and each model vacuum calls for a unique filter. The best way to learn what filter you need is to check your user manual or refer to the table we created above explaining the different types of bags.

Changing the filter in your vacuum is similar to changing Miele vacuum cleaner bags. Once you open the compartment where your vacuum bag is kept, you will instead gently remove the existing filter from its holder, which is often in the upper left quadrant of the compartment.

It's always recommended to use only genuine Miele bags with your Miele vacuum. Not only are certified bags better designed to fit your vacuum and provide the best benefits, but using a generic bag can also void your warranty.

3D designation in Miele marketing is an industry mystery. Company imprinted this on all vacuum bags but without an explanation of what it is and customer benefits. We assume that they want to make a reference to multi-layer thickness of their bags.

Miele Hyclean Bags with 3D efficiency. These are the newest version, and replace all previous bags for your Pisces. We sell only GENUINE Miele products. These will fit your Miele Pisces vacuum cleaner.

The best vacuum cleaners, central vacuums, carpet cleaners, steam cleaners, air purifiers, vacuum bags, filters, belts, parts, home fragrance products and cleaning supplies are at Capital Vacuum Floor-Care World 1666 North Market Drive in Raleigh NC (919) 878-8530 and 209 E Chatham Street in Cary NC (919) 467-2834. Family-owned since 1953. Be smart, buy where you get local service!

If you prefer canister style vacuum cleaners and have a standard or smaller sized home, the Miele Compact C2 series models are smaller, more compact and use smaller sized AirClean FJM vacuum bags. The FJM bags are 9-ply dust bags with a 3.5 quart capacity. These models come with FJM bags:

If you prefer a more economical canister style vacuum cleaner with the same performance and a larger vacuum bag, the Miele Classic C1 vacuums are perfect for your needs. With an apartment or a small home, models that use larger G/N bags work well and save you money in the long run. The G/N bags have a 4.76 quart capacity. These Classic C1 models use the Miele G/N AirClean dustbags:

We carry a full line of Miele vacuum cleaner bags, including Miele F,J & M, GN, K, L, H, G and U Miele vacuum bags. A Miele vacuum bag provides the best possible dust containment and help provide optimal performance. We also carry genuine Miele HEPA filters. Order online or visit our Richmond, Virginia showroom. 041b061a72


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