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How to Enjoy The Innocent by David Baldacci as an EPUB Ebook

David Baldacci: The Innocent - A Thrilling Ebook Review

If you are looking for a fast-paced, action-packed, and suspenseful thriller, you might want to check out The Innocent by David Baldacci. This ebook is the first installment in the Will Robie series, featuring a master assassin who finds himself on the run from his own government. In this article, we will review The Innocent and tell you why you should read it as an ebook. We will also show you how to get it for free legally and ethically.

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Who is David Baldacci?

Before we dive into the book, let's get to know the author behind it. David Baldacci is one of the world's most popular and bestselling thriller writers, with over 130 million copies of his books sold worldwide. His books have been translated into over 45 languages and adapted for both film and television. He has also established links to government sources, giving his books added authenticity and realism.

A brief biography of the author

David Baldacci was born in 1960 in Richmond, Virginia. He graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in political science and from the University of Virginia School of Law. He practiced law for nine years before becoming a full-time writer. His first novel, Absolute Power, was published in 1996 and became an international bestseller and a movie starring Clint Eastwood. Since then, he has written over 40 novels, spanning various genres such as crime, mystery, historical fiction, and fantasy. He lives in Virginia with his wife and two children.

The Will Robie series

One of Baldacci's most successful series is the Will Robie series, which started with The Innocent in 2012. The series follows Will Robie, a highly skilled assassin who works for a secret US government agency. He never questions his orders and never misses his target. However, things change when he refuses to kill an innocent woman and becomes a target himself. He teams up with a teenage runaway named Julie Getty, who witnessed her parents' murder and holds a vital clue to Robie's mission. Together, they must uncover a conspiracy that reaches the highest levels of power and threatens their lives.

What is The Innocent about?

Now that we have some background information on the author and the series, let's take a closer look at The Innocent. This ebook is a gripping thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

The main plot and characters

The story begins with Will Robie returning from a covert assignment in Edinburgh, where he eliminated a growing threat to national security. He expects his next mission to be routine: kill a US government employee who is suspected of selling secrets to a foreign power. However, when he arrives at the target's home, he sees something that makes him hesitate: a young child sleeping next to the woman. He decides not to pull the trigger and aborts the mission. This is the first time he ever disobeyed an order, and it has grave consequences. He soon realizes that he has been set up and that someone wants him dead. He escapes from his pursuers and tries to find out who betrayed him and why.

Meanwhile, Julie Getty is a 14-year-old girl who lives in a foster home after her parents were killed in a mysterious car accident. She is smart, brave, and resourceful, but also lonely and traumatized. She decides to run away from her abusive foster parents and return to her old house, hoping to find some clues about her parents' death. There, she witnesses a shocking scene: two men break into her house and kill the couple who lives there, thinking they are her parents. She manages to hide and call 911, but the killers notice her and chase her. She runs into Robie, who saves her from the gunmen and takes her with him.

Robie and Julie soon discover that their fates are connected and that they are both in danger. They also realize that they can't trust anyone, not even the people they work for or the people they love. They embark on a perilous journey across the country, dodging bullets, bombs, and betrayal. Along the way, they uncover a sinister plot that involves corruption, murder, and terrorism. They also develop an unlikely bond that helps them heal their wounds and find hope.

The themes and messages

The Innocent is not just a thrilling story, but also a thought-provoking one. It explores various themes and messages that are relevant to our contemporary world, such as:

  • The moral dilemma of killing for a greater good. Robie is a professional killer who believes he is serving his country by eliminating its enemies. However, he faces a crisis of conscience when he realizes that his targets are not always guilty and that his orders are not always justified. He questions his loyalty, his ethics, and his identity as an assassin.

  • The impact of trauma and loss on human psyche. Both Robie and Julie have suffered from trauma and loss in their lives. Robie lost his parents when he was young and never had a normal childhood. Julie lost her parents in a violent way and had to endure abuse and neglect in foster care. They both struggle with guilt, anger, fear, and loneliness. They also have difficulty trusting others and forming meaningful relationships.

  • The importance of family and friendship. Despite their differences, Robie and Julie form a strong bond that helps them survive and cope with their challenges. They become like a surrogate family for each other, providing support, comfort, and protection. They also learn to open up to other people who care for them, such as Robie's estranged father and Julie's best friend.

  • The danger of corruption and conspiracy in high places. The plot of The Innocent reveals a dark side of the US government, where powerful people abuse their authority and manipulate the system for their own gain. They are willing to sacrifice innocent lives and endanger national security for their personal agenda. They also use sophisticated technology and media to cover up their crimes and deceive the public.

Why should you read The Innocent as an ebook?

Now that you know what The Innocent is about, you might be wondering why you should read it as an ebook instead of a print book. Well, there are many benefits of ebooks that make them more convenient, accessible, and enjoyable than print books.

The benefits of ebooks

Some of the benefits of ebooks are:

  • They are cheaper than print books. You can save money by buying ebooks instead of print books, especially if you buy them online or download them for free (more on that later). You can also save space by storing thousands of ebooks on your device instead of cluttering your shelves with print books.

  • They are more portable than print books. You can carry your entire library with you wherever you go, whether it's on your phone, tablet, laptop, or e-reader. You can read ebooks anytime and anywhere, whether it's on the bus, in bed, or on the beach. You don't have to worry about losing or damaging your books or running out of battery.

  • They are more customizable than print books. You can adjust the font size, style, color, brightness, and orientation of your ebooks according to your preference and comfort. You can also highlight, bookmark, annotate, search, and share your ebooks with ease. You can also access additional features such as audio narration, dictionary lookup, translation tools, and interactive elements.

They are more eco-friendly than print books. You can reduce your environmental impact by reading ebooks instead of print books. You can save paper, 71b2f0854b


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