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Bach Marcello Adagio Piano Pdf Freel

Bach Marcello Adagio Piano Pdf Freel

The Adagio in D minor, BWV 974, is a transcription by Johann Sebastian Bach of a solo keyboard arrangement by Alessandro Marcello of the second movement of his Oboe Concerto in D minor. The original composition by Marcello was for oboe, strings and continuo, and was first published in Amsterdam in 1717. Bach's transcription, which is part of his collection of keyboard concertos after various composers, dates from around 1713-1714, when he was working as a court organist and chamber musician in Weimar.


The Adagio is a beautiful and expressive piece that showcases the lyrical qualities of the oboe (or the keyboard instrument in the transcription). The melody is accompanied by a simple but effective bass line and some harmonic embellishments. The piece has a ternary form (A-B-A), with a contrasting middle section in D major. The Adagio has been widely performed and recorded by various artists, both on the original instruments and on modern ones.

If you are interested in playing or listening to this piece, you can find free PDF files of the sheet music for piano solo on the following websites: [Musescore], [1Piano1Blog], and [Musescore]. These are user-generated transcriptions that may differ slightly from Bach's original version. You can also find audio and video recordings of the piece on YouTube, Spotify, and other platforms.

I hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new about this wonderful piece of music. Thank you for reading!


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